Friday, March 18, 2011

AT&T Wireless Requests Approval To Replace Lincoln Plaza Antennas

Request: Approval to replace 12, 4-foot tall antennas with 12, 8-foot tall antennas, all on an existing monopole.
Location: 6220 N. Scottsdale Road
Case Name: AT&T P148 Lincoln Plaza - Antenna Modifications
Case Number: 15-DR-2011 View The Document
Applicant: American Tower Corp, Douglas Kearney
Case Status: Active
Zoning: C-2
Parcel Number: 174-64-002-E
Subdivision Name: N/A
Sales Price: N/A
Lot Square Footage: 168,085 SF (3.85870 acre)
Building Size: 35191 SF (2 strip stores, 3 retail stores)