Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Scottsdale Beach Club Request Approval of Site Plan, Landscape Plan, Building Elevations

Request: Request approval of the site plan, landscape plan, and building elevations for three new commercial buildings,with a total of 27,263 square feet of floor area, all on a 1.4 acre site (Scottsdale Retail Plaza).
Details: The proposed redevelopment will replace two existing night clubs (Suede and Myst). The applicant and developer, Triyar Companies, and its related entities development portfolio in the Downtown Scottsdale area includes: the W Hotel and other restaurant/retail uses surround the property.
Location: Northwest corner of Saddlebag Trail and Shoeman Lane
Case Name: Scottsdale Beach Club
Case Number: 83-DR-2011 View The Document
Applicant: Cawley Architects, Michael Jorgensen
Case Status: Active
Public Hearing Information: Development Review Board on 5/3/2012.
Zoning: C-2/P-3 D-O (Downtown Overlay) and P-2 D-O
Parcel Number: 173-41-139, 173-41-140, 173-41-141, 173-41-142, 173-41-143, 173-41-144, 173-41-158, 173-41-159, 173-41-160, 173-41-161, 173-41-162, 173-41-163, 173-41-164, 173-41-165, 173-41-166, 173-41-167, 173-41-168, 173-41-169, 173-41-178, 173-43-179, 173-41-180, 173-41-181 and 173-41-211A.
Lot Square Footage: 1.4 acres (61,239 SF)