Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reata Pass Case Withdrawn

Request: Request for a Major General Plan Amendment to change the land use designations from 11+/- acres of Rural Neighborhoods and 14+/- acres of Commercial to 25 +/- acres of Suburban Neighborhoods, and maintain the existing land use designations on 10 +/- acres of Commercial and 8 +/- acres of Rural Neighborhoods, on a 43 +/- acre site located at southeast corner of Alma School Parkway and Pinnacle Vista Drive.
Location: Southeast corner of Alma School Pkwy and Pinnacle Vista Dr.
Case Name: Reata Pass
View The Document: 5-GP-2013
Applicant: LVA, Urban Design Studio, LLC. Alex Stedman 480-994-0994
Staff Coordinator: Adam Yaron 480-312-2761
Case Status: Withdrawn on 8/12/2013